Mr HILLIER to Mr & Mrs OROZCO and Ms FARKAS re Ignorance and Regenesis with Gina, the New Gina!

Really, Kelly and Maritza? I warned you. Can you proof the poster concept I’m working on with Gina? She lives in Toronto, and is rather eager into making her way into the Advocacy Industry. Here’s a concept I was working with her to play with creating some actual video footage to push the safety from strangers aspect of our protection. I’m totally gonna have to alter the typeface, and I wish I had a deeper picture of you Kelly, that didn’t look so creepy.

Anyways, please review the three screenshots and let me know how you think about the strategy of my new Gina project. Does it sound promising? I know that the girl I’m still married to is off visiting her “brother” like she has been since May 8th, taking care of her “brother” Mr Leonidas David Orozco like a good little daughter.

I remember the girl I’m still married to was training to be a good Hot Latina Therapist Female, because her father was an aficionado as a Strong Forcible Male Latino Therapist, which the girl I’m still married told me was a piece of rather important training in area of Forcible Therapy she studied under the best daddy she knows, a Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco. Maritza has been over at her “brother” Mr Leonidas David Orozco for a full two weeks thus far! Her “brother” must have potential as the nextStrong Forcible Male Therapist for the Orozco Clan.

The new girl I’m working with is very excited at the thought working on some photo and video shoots, especially after I told her that I’m technically in what’s called the Annulment Process of the Catholic Church. Anyway, here’s the graphic which has the some stranger holding an umbrella in the dark, and the only two people I really care about now, aside from our sons and your daughter. Should I get my New Gina to take another photo, maybe? Something that’s more appropriate for sending a directional message in the Advocacy Industry?

Maybe would could get a more friendly picture of you hugging my New Gina and helping her learn more about the Advocacy Industry we work in. She’s actually rather interested in being taught the process of getting our way effectively. She keeps asking me about what our clients really NEED and how do we avoid them being angry? Anyway, I’ll tell Gina you said "Hi", and I’ll just tell her that you gave her some wise advice from an old lady like Gina’s new John (that’s what she tries to call me sometimes) because I told her that you’re thee same age as me.

Anyway, just gimme a call if you want to argue or something.. I don’t mind debating, because you’re my friend, and nothing like a student like Gina. Her family is friendly though, and they love how protective I am for their daughter. My number is 437-553-2224 so you can tell me to just fuck off already, right? I might take you seriously, and LITERALLY fuck off or around somewhere else. Goodbye,


  • Respectfully,
    • -Isaac
      • 437-553-2224

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This breakdown is initiated from the death of Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco Ortiz's Mother Hilda Esperanza Orozco Ortiz on July 5th, 2021. The pattern exists...

20240508    20240614+ ≥38 days absence —— May08 '24 » Jun14+ '24    21
20231218    20231219   02 days absence —— Dec18 '23 » Dec19  '23    20
20231028    20231029   02 days absence —— Oct28 '23 » Oct29  '23    19
20231014    20231021   08 days absence —— Oct14 '23 » Oct21  '23    18
20231009    20231012   04 days absence —— Oct09 '23 » Oct12  '23    17
20230501    20230503   03 days absence —— May01 '23 » May03  '23    16
20230421    20230428   08 days absence —— Apr21 '23 » Apr28  '23    15
20230401    20230411   10 days absence —— Apr01 '23 » Apr11  '23    14
20221006    20221213   69 days incense —— Oct06 '22 » Dec13  '22    69
20220926    20221003   07 days absence —— Sep26 '22 » Oct03  '22    13
20220909    20220914   05 days absence —— Sep09 '22 » Sep14  '22    12
20220613    20220622   09 days absence —— Jun13 '22 » Jun22  '22    11
20220601    20220611   10 days absence —— Jun01 '22 » Jun11  '22    10
20220514    20220516   03 days absence —— May14 '22 » May16  '22    09
20220502    20220512   10 days absence —— May02 '22 » May12  '22    08
20220421    20220423   03 days absence —— Apr21 '22 » Apr23  '22    07
20220331    20220401   03 days absence —— Mar31 '22 » Apr01  '22    06
20220308    20220309   02 days absence —— Mar08 '22 » Mar09  '22    05
20211212    20211213   02 days absence —— Dec12 '21 » Dec13  '21    04
20211210    20211212   03 days absence —— Dec10 '21 » Dec12  '21    03 
20211127    20211130   04 days absence —— Nov27 '21 » Nov30  '21    02
20211024    20211026   03 days absence —— Oct24 '21 » Oct26  '21    01 

Hilda (Mum) dies, snowball begins rolling as Mari (Daughter survivor 
of CSA) resumes her childhood rights and responsibilities, as a safe 
childhood her father stole from her and made her become her own mother 
and do the things of a mature woman with rights and responsibilities to
satiate and fulfill Daddy the Pedo Fausto Enrique Orozco as Therapist
in/of Children.

See similar occurrence about the..
usage of mature kids and protecting therapists of children.



20210705     MARITZA'S MUM DIED, SNOWBALL STARTS ROLLING. MARI IS NOT AN ADULT. —————————————————————————————————————————————