Annulment or Entitlement? Just a shot across the bow...

Maritza, what you did to me is horrible.. your Child Therapy Protection father satisfied you so well that you hate my son’s sister and mother, and you only tolerate me because I’m the mistake you regret having made. You regret having become one with a horrible Canadian, as it’s more natural for you to become one with a Latino from Ecuador, such as Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco or Mr Leonidas David Orozco.

I want you back immediately, but I think Kelly is trying to be as generous to the competition as possible, so I think she accepted your demand with the response “don’t touch him before you birthday, Kelly..." (which was the event to which I was referring, August 24th, 2024 and is actually exactly 3 months away) when she turns 42, as she’s actually recorded to the public knowledge as 6 months and 6 days younger than myself.

I find this interesting, that you despise my son and his sister such that you file false charges against myself, albeit other Latino men like Leonidas & Fausto are untouchable because they’re strong young Ecuadorians who satisfy your need for being submissive and controlled.

I find that interesting, and God will also, of course. Actually, did you realize that your actions have actually expedited how the Archdiocese of Toronto will render and issue our Annulment?


  • On May 17, 2024, at 22:45, Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco Ortiz wrote:
    • Stop including me in your correspondence with your cheating admirers. Why is it so important for Kelly to know when you plan on dumping me, you mentioned 4 months from now.  My mom and her family will be rolling in their graves for your sins and dishonesty.  May Jesus protect me from you.  Lying and unfaithful husband stop corresponding with me whilst insulting me.

Please advise me when you need your property by, as I really don’t like being harassed by Toronto Police whom allege that they’re doing a Health & Wellness Check on some woman named Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco Ortiz whom they understand I’ve never satisfied because she still carries the Tramp Stamp for the only two men who satiate her wishes, as Mr Leonidas David Orozco and Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco.

Please feel free to call Kelly to see what would be an appropriate time to pick up your clothing and property from our 885 Broadview Ave location in Toronto. As you know, Kelly’s number is still 647-514-5021 and mine is still 437-553-2224 as we haven’t chosen our Office Location number yet.

Respectfully yours,
Isaac, Chief Technical Officer
Independent Ontario Advocacy Group
Internet Security, Operations and Intelligence
    Cel:        +1 437-553-2224




What’s an Annulment?

The Church teaches that the bond of marriage is permanent.
However, in contemporary society, divorce is a reality that is challenging and often an extremely difficult experience to all involved.
But divorce does not bring marriage to an end and a properly celebrated marriage is presumed valid, unless proven otherwise by the competent authority –The Marriage Tribunal.

An annulment is not the Catholic version of a divorce.
Rather, it is a declaration by the Church, after the Tribunal’s formal inquiry stating that at the time of consent, where vows were exchanged, at least one of the parties lacked an intention or capability required to establish the binding commitment of marriage as understood by the Catholic Church.

In making this declaration, the Church does not deny that a real relationship existed, nor does it imply that the relationship was entered with ill will or moral fault.
Also, the declaration of nullity does not affect the legitimacy of children from the union.
The Marriage Tribunal, through its formal inquiry, is seeking the truth in justice, in mercy and in love.
Not to place the blame or establish a guilty party. 
For those seeking an annulment, it should be a process that involves healing and spiritual growth.

  • Reflection Questions
    1. How is a divorce different from an annulment?

    2. Why does annulment concern only the time of consent (at the wedding ceremony)?

    3. How might going through the process for an annulment provide a time of healing and spiritual growth?

Teaching from the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Annulments

Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Question 348:

  • 348. When does the Church allow the physical separation of spouses?
    The Church permits the physical separation of spouses when for serious reasons their living together becomes practically impossible, even though there may be hope for their reconciliation. As long as one’s spouse lives, however, one is not free to contract a new union, except if the marriage be null and be declared so by ecclesiastical authority.
    • The Compendium is available in 14 languages. For the complete list and links, go to:
  • See also Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part Two, Section 2, Chapter 3, Article 7 for Church teaching on the Sacrament of Matrimony (paragraphs 1602-1666). Nullity and the bond of marriage are specifically mentioned within this context, in paragraphs 1629; 1639-1640; and 1649. The appropriate references to the Code of Canon Law appear in the footnotes for these paragraphs.

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231 DAYS ABSENTIAL — 162+69=231
This breakdown is initiated from the death of Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco Ortiz's Mother Hilda Esperanza Orozco Ortiz on July 5th, 2021. The pattern exists...

20240708    20240709   01 days absence —— JUl08 '24 » Jul09  '24    22
20240508    20240706   60 days absence —— May08 '24 » Jul06  '24    21
20231218    20231219   02 days absence —— Dec18 '23 » Dec19  '23    20
20231028    20231029   02 days absence —— Oct28 '23 » Oct29  '23    19
20231014    20231021   08 days absence —— Oct14 '23 » Oct21  '23    18
20231009    20231012   04 days absence —— Oct09 '23 » Oct12  '23    17
20230501    20230503   03 days absence —— May01 '23 » May03  '23    16
20230421    20230428   08 days absence —— Apr21 '23 » Apr28  '23    15
20230401    20230411   10 days absence —— Apr01 '23 » Apr11  '23    14
20221006    20221213   69 days incense —— Oct06 '22 » Dec13  '22    69
20220926    20221003   07 days absence —— Sep26 '22 » Oct03  '22    13
20220909    20220914   05 days absence —— Sep09 '22 » Sep14  '22    12
20220613    20220622   09 days absence —— Jun13 '22 » Jun22  '22    11
20220601    20220611   10 days absence —— Jun01 '22 » Jun11  '22    10
20220514    20220516   03 days absence —— May14 '22 » May16  '22    09
20220502    20220512   10 days absence —— May02 '22 » May12  '22    08
20220421    20220423   03 days absence —— Apr21 '22 » Apr23  '22    07
20220331    20220401   03 days absence —— Mar31 '22 » Apr01  '22    06
20220308    20220309   02 days absence —— Mar08 '22 » Mar09  '22    05
20211212    20211213   02 days absence —— Dec12 '21 » Dec13  '21    04
20211210    20211212   03 days absence —— Dec10 '21 » Dec12  '21    03 
20211127    20211130   04 days absence —— Nov27 '21 » Nov30  '21    02
20211024    20211026   03 days absence —— Oct24 '21 » Oct26  '21    01 

         See similar occurrence about the..
         Usage of mature kids and protecting therapists of children.

20210705     MARITZA'S MUM DIED, SNOWBALL STARTS ROLLING. MARI IS NOT AN ADULT. —————————————————————————————————————————————