Hrmmm... did my business partner really just get MADDR at me?

This fuckin' psycho is out of control!

Totally only ever met him once, maybe twice... he is a hacker who offered skills so I allowed him limited access to our groups etc, but he quickly became ridiculous with long messages and emails about his personal shit so I stopped reading them and blocking him, etc.

All of a sudden, I started getting friends asking me who he was and learned he was tellin' people all kinds of whacky shit! Like supposedly claiming to be the father of my son, and even telling my actual brothers that yes, this guy is is my brother too!

Now he's tryin' scare me with allegations that Nazir Bakhsh (who is one of my best friends) was a government operative and messaging him creepy shit about me. So I wanted to see just how crazy he went, so I finally decided to look at the emails he sent me and.. BAM!

This fuckin' psycho established a corporate entity with Industry Canada and a bank account with one of the most secure banks in Canada W/ MY NAME AS HIS PARTNER (how the fuck the gov or bank can allow that to happen w no proof is beyond me but he is a hacker so who knows) AND HE DID IT ON MY BIRTHDAY!

Anyway, he has been reported and it will be handled in accordance with the rules of fair-play. But please, anyone else who he may have contacted or who has any further info pls get in touch with my crew and we'll deal with him.

Thanks guys,
                  we luv you soo-o much!


What a fuckin' psycho.. totally is talking to himself claiming I asked him for change and nonsense like Thai, but even threatening to tell people publicly that I really do what he thinks he knows about me if I don’t ACTUALLY CONSENT to be recognized as his business partner!

THANKS TURDETTE! I blame you and your retardation Bill D for giving the idea to this nut job! I swear people like him are lucky I don’t expect much from others, cause there are documentaries about people who kill others for less, and this is my rodeo! I'll deal with the questionable retardation issue on my own schedule.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

This "hacker" is mine to roast for the public interest, guys.