Medallion Corporation Notice-on-Notice of Eviction

Got another nicely worded threat of eviction from my landlord Medallion. I disagree with a substantial portion of the alleged facts, but I am posting it in its entirety so everyone can be well informed about the actions and intent of shiteater landlords like Medallion.


Strangely enough, I had two run-ins on Friday Feb19 as first the Wine Rack Canada and then 565ive Sherbourne Apartments...

Posted by Chad W. Testes on Friday, February 26, 2021

I have a long-standing issue with this entity as you can see at Medallion Corporation tag and even aside from the disputed facts, Medallion has previously established (and has yet to effectively retract) that tenants "exercising their right to not wear a mask or other acceptable face covering such as a mask or plastic bag" are in violation of our Lease Agreement, the Residential Tenancies Act, the Fire Code, and Medallion Corporation's COVID-19 related protocols policy.

So, the fact that they're lumping them all together (either because they're too fat or too lazy to issue a retraction of their previously issued SLAPP notices) technically means that they're ready to evict me if I don't put a face diaper on while in the common areas.

But the most salient point being the admission that Medallion is treating tenants who cannot wear a mask differently from other tenants, evidenced by admitting that the Cleaner had been sharing the elevator with another tenant (presumable masked) and refused to allow myself to enter the elevator after that person exited.

Copy follows:


Re: Your Tenancy at.. (the "Rental Unit")
Ongoing Conduct Issues

On February 19, 2021, at approximately 1:51 p.m., Chad was in the common area of the residential complex on the main floor outside the elevators. When the elevator door opened, one resident exited the elevator, and the building cleaner (the "Cleaner") remained on the elevator to continue down to the parking level.

The Cleaner asked Chad not to enter the elevator because he was not wearing a face mask or other face covering. While the landlord accepts that Chad is exempt from wearing a face mask or other face covering in the residential complex's indoor common areas, as he has previously been advised, he is still required to comply with the other COVID-19-related protocols in place, including physical distancing.

In response to being asked by the Cleaner not to enter the elevator (and instead to take the next elevator), Chad became enraged and loudly yelled the word "fuck" and kicked the elevator door once it closed. This obscenity and a loud bang caused by Chad kicking the elevator door could be heard inside the elevator and throughout the main floor common area of the residential complex.

The conduct described above substantially interferes with the landlord's reasonable enjoyment of the residential complex for all usual purposes. It also substantially interferes with the landlord's lawful rights, privileges, and interests.

The landlord demands that Chad immediately and permanently cease all conduct within the residential complex that substantially interferes with the landlord's reasonable enjoyment of the residential complex and/or substantially interferes with the landlord's lawful, rights, privileges, and interests. If he continues to engage in such conduct, the landlord will serve you with a notice of termination of your tenancy, and may also proceed with an application to the Landlord and Tenant Board seeking an order terminating your tenancy.

I trust the foregoing is satisfactory and that you will govern yourselves accordingly.

Yours very truly,
Roisin Webb
Property Manager